Hand Made Music

Gorbie Lathe Cuts is a boutique record label, and production house based in Milwaukie Oregon.  I put out short run unique records, and cut short run records upon request, at a reasonable rate.  Making records in the privacy of my own home, whenever I can find the time.    

In December of 2017 I was researching a limited vinyl run for a new project.  That pursuit stumbled me onto the lathe cut world.  I saw that a small amount of music freaks were making very cool, and very craft worthy short run records.  My mind filled with the possibility of owning my very own lathe.  I could make 20 clear 7" records!  I could make picture disks!  I could make odd shaped records?  The possibility where endless, and I just happen to get the fever.

I found a guy in Texas who was selling his lathe.  After a bit of haggling the deal was done.  I took out a small loan and flew to Texas.  Then, with only one lesson under my belt, I rented a van and drove the lathe back home to Oregon.

The process is very different than making a pressed record.  The records I make are cut in real time.  I can only make mono records, and I'm cutting on polycarbonate.  They sound pretty damn good considering how they're born.  It truly is magical.  

I love all kinds of music, and I'm putting out records in all genres.  Having fun and giving a damn!



Presto 8C One of only three like it in the world. Manufactured as a proto type sometime near the end of WWII.

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Hangin in the studio.