My merch table at the ART/MUSIC SHOW.

My merch table at the ART/MUSIC SHOW.

I recently put together an ART/MUSIC SHOW. I cut records for all the artist. It was a ton of work, but it felt real good. We had Sean Croghan, Larry Yes, and COTTON. All performed amzing sets and also hung art in the venue. Most of the records sold out at the show. Anything left sold on the site a few days later. I do have copies of COTTON’S 10 inch, and recommend it at the top of my lungs.

I’ve also been cutting to order. This has kept me barely able to keep up. I think happy customers is a great thing. Be a lot of them lately.

I have also been trying out some colored polycarbonate. I had to spend $212.00 just to get it shipped. When it came in the mail it was 5 foot sheets rolled. This made the final blanks bowed. I had to bake them in the oven to get them to relax, but it did work.

I proud to say I think I’m honing in on a real look for the label. The stuff I’ve been doing on the label barely makes the site. Most bands can move all the records we do in one night. So that means nothing left for me. I’ll put up whatever I can when I can.

The TOWERS recored is done, and it’s a beauty. Still have to get together with the guys to hammer out a release date in this one.

Fire Red Flood is an electronic expreriment recorded by Dean Miles and Kota Kakutani. Just a couple of those are here.

Been cutting a lot for others and my cutting skills are getting quite good. Busy Busy